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CU Hack Night is a weekly ongoing meetup of diverse people from our local community. Our focus is problem-solving, using our collective skills. Most of their work is computer based, but it doesn't have to be limited to technology. Dinner is part of the meeting. It's worth emphasizing that CU Hack Night is not a competive contest (or "hackathon"). All our welcome. More information at the group here: http://cuhacknight.org/

Beginning Tuesday, 9/3, CU Hack Night will be held at Collider Cowork, 123 W Main St, Urbana, Illinois

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Startup Cafe is a luncheon series that highlights successful entrepreneurs with connections to the Research Park as guest speakers. John Busbee, CEO of EnterpriseWorks graduate Xerion Advanced Battery, will share his unique story and provide lessons from his entrepreneurial journey.


Football season is here and so is our Football Tailgate Fire at Five Bonfire and Happy Hour. Drinks will be provided, and activities will be available for the whole family. Check back regularly for event updates.

The football game against Nebraska is at home, and starts at 7:00pm. Tickets can be bought at this website: tickets.fightingillini.com/football.html 


This workshop will cover the basics of what startups need to know about intellectual property '' from the licensing process to compliance, patent and copyright types, to filing options. Come join the discussion on Oct. 3 at noon for an EIR Workshop with Alan Singleton of Singleton Law Firm. Lunch will be served.

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