The University of Illinois has a vibrant and rapidly evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem, and there are many partners across campus that work together to provide academic support and resources to students and faculty. Please watch the following Academic Entrepreneurship at Illinois video to learn more.


Browse and discover the breadth of entrepreneurial courses available at the University of Illinois.*

College Course # Course Name Instructor # Credit Hours
Business BADM 332/532/533 Product Development for Sub Marketplaces Viswanathan, M 4
  BADM 395/TE 498 iVenture Seminar: Topics in Entrepreneurship Isserman, Noah 3
  BADM 395 Making Things Rindfleisch, Aric 3
  BADM 446 Entrepreneurship Small Business

Isserman, Noah/ Bercovitz, Janet

  BADM 551 Managing Intellectual Property Bradley, Joe 2
Engineering TE 150 Foundations in Entrepreneurship TBD 3
  ENG 198 IEFX Projects Bradley, Joe 1
  TE 200 Introduction to Innovation Singh, Ryan 1
  TE 230/ARTD 230 Design Thinking/Need-Finding Weightman, David 3
  TE 250 High-Tech Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise Sorkin, Harlee 2
  TE 298/598 Communication for Tech Innovators Sorkin, Harlee 1
  TE 298 Decoding Dr. Dre Patterson, William 1
  TE 298 Introduction to Innovation, Leadership and Engineering Entrepreneurship Litchfield, Bruce 1
  ECE 307 Techniques for Engineering Decisions Gross, George 3
  TE 333/598 Creativity, Innovation, Vision Litchfield, Bruce 4
  TE 360/460 Lectures in Engineering Entrepreneurship Singer, Andy 1
  TE 398 F Boostrap to VC: A Practical Guide to Fund Your Startup Sorkin, Harlee  
  GE 361 Emotional Intelligence Spencer, Gayle 3
  TE 398 From Bootstrap to Venture Capital: A Practical Guide to Funding Your Startup Sorkin, Harlee 2
  TE 398 WP Hip Hop Entrepreneurship Patterson, William 3
  TE 398 PSC Innovation and Engineering Design Carney, Scott 1 to 3
  TE 401 Developing Breakthrough Projects TBD 1 to 4
  TE 450 Startups: Inc, Fund, Contracts, IP Barich Joe 3
  TE 461 Technology Entrepreneurship Lilly, Brian 3
  TE 466 High-Tech Venture Marketing Shabbir, Shahbaz 2
  ABE 469 Industry-Linked Design Project Zahos, Steve 4
  TE/ENG 497 Independent Study TBD 1 to 4
  ME 498 Bioinspired Design Wissa, A 3
  TE 498 Leading Sustainable Change Spencer, Gayle & Hoag, Beth 3
  TE 565 Technology Innovation and Strategy Chopra, Sanjiv 2
  TE 566 Finance for Engineering Management Lilly, Brian 2
  TE 567 Venture Funded Startups Chopra, Sanjiv 1
Fine and Applied Arts FAA 310 Professional Development Plante, Michele 2
  ARTD 401 Industrial Design V Shin, Sung Soo 4
Liberal Arts and Sciences ECON 483 Economics of Innovation and Technology Chalioti, E 3
  SPAN 332 Spanish & Entrepreneurship: Languages, Culture & Communities Abbott, Ann 3
School of Social Work SOCW 321 Social Entrepreneurship & Social Change Isserman, Noah 3
  SOCW 380 Advanced Social Startup Launch Isserman, Noah 3 to 6
  SOCW 521 Leadership and Social Change Camp, Donna 4


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*Please note that some courses listed may have departmental restrictions.

BS Degree in Innovation, Leadership & Engineering Entrepreneurship (ILEE)

The BS degree in Innovation, Leadership and Engineering Entrepreneurship (BS ILEE) program is intended for engineering students to better understand the innovative processes involved in identifying complex technical problems and creating, developing, and leading efforts to provide for their engineering solutions. A unique aspect of this degree is the inclusion of project-based experiential credits, whereby students must earn four and no greater than 16 credit hours of experiential learning. This is credit that is approved, supervised, and coordinated by an Illinois faculty member. At this time, the BS degree in ILEE is only available as a dual degree for COE students.

For more information about this degree, click here.


By taking a variety of the entrepreneurial courses listed above, students can obtain a certificate offered by the Technology Entrepreneur Center.